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Welcome to our D&D vanity project

C: Hello; my name’s Calder.

A: And I’m Angela.

C: And we’re two DMs, flatmates and writers, who really, really, really like playing D&D and who can’t get enough of it even when we’re literally playing.

A: So we set up this website/blog for us to chat about D&D.

C: Yeah; hopefully through all the various pieces on here, y’all will get a sense of what we care about, what makes us tick, and also how pretentious at least one of us is about D&D as an activity and as a storytelling medium.

A: And maybe we’ll manage to convince our parents that D&D is a normal, fun hobby.

C: You can find all sorts of conversations between the two of us on various topics here. Go check them out and see what you think.

A: But full disclosure; we’re definitely not experts and half the time we’re talking through our hats. Sorry in advance for all the times we mess up.

C: Yeah, we’re relatively newish players, I guess. I’ve played on and off for about five years, and you’ve played for, what, about three years now?

A: Two years, and also I never bothered to read the rule book.

C: Just for quick reference, we’re both DMing and we’re both playing in each other’s games and in other campaigns in our friend group. In those adventures we’re using a heavily modified version of the Pathfinder 1st edition ruleset.

A: And we’re doing our own plots.

C: So if you wondering about any particulars, that’s our basic rundown.

A: Also, Calder’s American and I’m British, in case you want to read them in our accents.

C: Read them in our accents! Yee-haws, y’all’d’ves, all that jazz!

A: And see how many stereotypes from each of our countries you can rightly associate with us based on our demeanours.

C: Are you trying to imply something, Ange?

A: Okay, that’s all for now. Please have fun checking out our discussions. If you want to know more about us, why not take a gander at our chats about our characters and our shared world?

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