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We’re Calder and Angela, flatmates and DMs based in Edinburgh who can’t get enough of D&D–even when we’re playing it. Here you’ll find a collection of discussions and declarations about our experiences playing and running campaigns based on the Pathfinder 1e rule system, as well as some maps and other fun stuff.

Angela Hicks is a Midlands-born writer and is an Escape Room and puzzle enthusiast, as well as a seasoned scholar/fan of the Vikings (though importantly not the TV show Vikings). She’s presently writing her first novel, but D&D keeps getting in the way.

Calder Hudson was raised in the United States and first came to the Scotland in pursuit of a university degree before later becoming a UK citizen. Calder graduated from a Creative Writing MSc in 2016, which is coincidentally around the time Pathfinder took over his life.

We live near a park full of dogs; this isn’t really relevant to our DMing, but it’s quite nice.

You can also follow both of us on Twitter–Angela via @Ms_A_Hicks and Calder via @CMA_Hudson. You can also keep up to date with new releases via @KnowledgeRoll, where we’ll post about new discussion pieces as well as pictures, updates, and highlights from our ongoing campaigns!

If you'd like to know more about our campaigns, please check out the Our Campaigns page, and if you'd like to know more about our players, take a look at the Our Characters page. Otherwise, have a gander through our blogposts.

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