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Campaign quotes

We’re currently in the process of updating the site—over the next few weeks, all our previous posts will be re-uploaded, along with hopefully a few more maps and other cool stuff—so no new discussion this week, but here are some of our favourite quotes from our respective campaigns to tide you over until then.

- “We have to do it—it’s for true love!”

- "I mean, that's not how I'd set up a tent but...well done for effort."

- “People get massacred in clearings all the time.”

- “Stealing’s what I’m about.”

- “We have this fun game we play where we both say nothing and then the first person to say something forfeits their dinner. Would you like to play that?”

- “What!? He can read minds!? But I’ve had so many impure thoughts about him!”

- “Ugh, where am I going to find a human skull!?”

- “Our party is an elderly father and his diverse daughters running around flirting with people and then robbing them”

- "Where do you think I think I am?"

Thanks for reading and supporting our site! Hopefully we'll have some fun new content for your soon!

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