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World Map

Here is our basic world map. The mortal coil is dominated by a supercontinent with a diverse array of biomes and territories, with hotter climates in the north and snows in the south. This map is not based around a horizontal equator. While some of the other campaigns and oneshots I've DMed have taken place elsewhere, the big Edinburgh campaign began off the coast of the Screaming Isles (the amalgam of little landmasses on the map's east end). The party met in the under-galley of a hobgoblin slave ship, which bound them together pretty quickly. A fun introduction to the game for all involved!

The party is currently in the town of Grenton, which is close to the centre of the map, just north of the Verdant (that thick cluster of mountains, lakes, hills, and rivers at the map's heart). It's not marked here because, as Angela quite rightly put it, "no one in their right mind would want to visit Grenton or need to know where it is."

World Map: Welcome
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