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The Candlestick Museum

One of the things which makes D&D more exciting is props - given how much of the game exists in the theatre of the mind, it's nice to have a physical thing to hold. And maps are definitely the most common prop, but sometimes it's fun to change it up and give your players a non-map piece of paper to consult! Here is a flyer that the party received to encourage them to visit the local museum (three floors of candlesticks - how much encouragement did they really need?). It served a pretty similar function to a map - it tells them the different sections of the building they can visit - and got them as hyped as a map would have, but had the extra novelty of not being a map! And it was fun for me to design, and helped me flesh out the museum more than I otherwise would have done.

I also made a tonne of candle props out of paper. Maybe they're just for fun. Maybe they can be arranged in a certain order to complete a ritual to summon the spirit of a long dead general. 

Candlestick Museum: Text
Candlestick Museum: Image
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