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Calder's Player Characters

Once known as ‘the Unshackled’, the adventuring party now goes by ‘the Witnesses’—or at least, that’s the name given to them by their employer-of-sorts, a masked magus of uncertain morality with a penchant for the dramatic.  Why ‘the Witnesses’? Well, for one, they witnessed the opening of an extraplanar Abyssal rift, through which poured hundreds of demons and a great deal of trouble. And beyond that, well—Mad Max: Fury Road is a good film with good turns-of-phrase. Who knows what the party may still witness (oho).

As aforesaid, the party (with a slightly different cast) were originally called the Unshackled, and met after escaping a hobgoblin slave galley together (with some outside help to boot, for better or for worse). Despite the players nearly all coming from creative writing backgrounds, their characters picked the most literal name possible. Thankfully this gives their DM some fun theming to explore, what with their Unshackled-Witnesses dual identity and all.


Catfolk cleric/paladin of Erastil

A young scion of the enormously wealthy Karneval family. Is determined to do good in the world, even as it crashes and slashes against his lived reality. Carries a portable bathtub with him wherever he goes; demonic invasions are no excuse for poor hygiene. His fearlessness has put him in harm’s way more than once…but he’s still got at least six or seven lives left, with any luck.


Elf wizard

Very smart with by-the-book personality, in part because she wrote the book. Prioritizes the mission at hand and helping people along the way.  The oldest member of the team by about 180 years. Despairs that nobody else does research. Quick with a shocking grasp, even after being left one-armed after her recent encounter with a Lich.


Gnome bard/cavalier

Believes in true love. Covered in battle scars and butterfly tattoos. Occasionally practices gnomish magic, which causes her to transform into ‘Feyrar’, a brightly coloured creature with a mad passion for pranks and causing chaos. Has a weasel mount that she is writing stories about: Sir Bartholomew the Brave.


Half-elf druid/rogue

A scimitar-first, questions-later woman with a stubborn streak that often gets her into horse-related trouble. Fiercely opposed to many of the immoral stances made by the rest of the party. Lost an eye saving Saskia, her wolf companion.


Elf monk/rogue

A recent addition to the party, very little has been revealed about Ghost thus far, save that she had previously been monitoring the group for some time and is skilled at navigating Grenton’s city streets and rooftops swiftly and silently. She is a Silenced elf with no tongue and has clearly been subjected to harsh, almost punitive training in the past as part of her development into an instrument of violence.


Human cleric of Cayden Cailean

Once a man with little to tie him down as he sailed from port to port, some big, splintering changes in life brought him to his new vocation. Still a little unsure of his spiritual capacity, he has a heart of gold beneath the muscles and mustachios. It’s a curious sort of teetotaller who devotes himself to the Lucky Drunk.


Human witch

Having walked away from more than one scrape by the skin of her teeth—or by someone else’s, often as not—she looks out for herself and for Rue (her moth familiar) first and foremost. She has a debt or two to pay back to her patron, but not to worry—she’s already got a plan and a target in mind. Her eerie, time-turning magic might give the rest of the party pause if it didn’t keep saving their lives.


Tiefling sorcerer/inquisitor of Shelyn

Buff and toothy, equally comfortable slinging spells and getting up close and personal with her glaive. Has family issues, which is fair given that her brother is at the head of an Infernal army currently stalking the mortal plane. Still unsure about the warm glow of love her fellow Shelynites rave about, but there’s a softer side beneath all that edge. Her mother’s daughter.


Human Ranger

Astride Colocolo, her dark and majestic steed, she’s seen a lot of the world—and while she thought she spent all her wandering years with just Colocolo for company, it seems her dead-and-buried past may have followed with her too. Hard to beat with a bow—on or off horseback. She enjoys stargazing, killing orcs, and taking trophies from fallen foes.

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