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Angela's Player Characters

The party is called the SJWs, in part because they began in a tavern in a hamlet called Street. They would have been Street’s Walkers but that name could have been misheard, so they became Street’s Jolly Walkers instead, which is clearly much better.

They fight against oppression, corruption and hatred wherever they find it. They do this through a variety of ways—mainly intimidation, beartraps, and a complete disregard for consequences.


Human cleric of Desna

In her words, a literal child. Up for capers and japes. Not up for death and murder, but it’s too late now. Party member who has come closest to dying. Has very cool hair.


Human barbarian

Has a pet lizard who is definitely just an ordinary lizard and not a very small dragon. Probably. Enjoys raging and drinking champagne. Has limited impulse control but is, on occasion, the most sensible member of the party.


Half-elf rogue

Good at flirting with minor NPCs to get her way. May be wearing a cursed necklace which she once got rid of and then reacquired. Surprisingly strong. Open to doing good deeds, so long as they can be mixed with petty larceny and intimidation tactics.


Elf sorcerer

In search of a husband; must be young, rich and hot. Did not specify single, which is lucky. Very into horses, though not especially skilled at riding. Knows how to behave at a party.


Dwarf druid

Talks slow, apart from when conversing with birds. The birds understand him. Isn’t sure about this whole civilisation malarkey. Has a very nice axe. Would like the world to be less complicated and more full of good people being kind.

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