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Current setting (as of March 2019)

With war raging all through the Marches, the city of Grenton has shut its gates in the face on an impending demon attack. The populace is suffering from city-wide cabin fever, and with the oligarchic government rapidly losing control, all the local factions are increasingly murderous as they attempt to gain power.

It’s into this situation the party has arrived—hell-bent on completing a mission which they’ve learned might not be so cut-and-dry, especially as they get sucked into other people’s problems.

Key parts of town

With town divided into multiple districts which definitely aren’t intended to help hammer home the Grenton-is-America allegory, the Witnesses have worked to explore each area, learning more about the factions squabbling for control and the challenges they’ll face there. From the Holy District—where half of the party is currently incarcerated at the behest of the fanatical Purists—to the Elder District—where the rich live behind high walls, safely walled off from the rest of town—there’s few places in town to catch one’s breath, save perhaps for Oldbottles, the tavern where the party’s set themselves up (despite concerns about some of the other patrons).

Notable tourist attraction/other sites of importance and interest

The Commercial District in town contains not only the biggest Combat Arena in the Marches, but also the House of Chances, which features the classics of any decent casino: cards, dice, and tortoise-racing. After the last visit that the party paid it, the main hall is now slightly charred.

There’s also the Mighty Thirst, a raucous beer-hall not far from the arena, where pit fighters and guards often gather, though never at night. The whole Commercial District is weirdly empty after dusk, possibly because the wind carries ghostly voices crying of murder through the streets. Or possibly because all the shops are shut after sundown.

The Temple of Iomedae is in the Holy District. Judging by all the ‘baptized’ bodies drowned in barrels outside, it isn’t wise to cross these Purist zealots unless you’re good at holding your breath.

Key inhabitants

Grenton’s head of state is famously misliked, but even the rumours of his death haven’t been enough to slow the evil schemes of Regan, his aide-de-camp, a woman far fiercer and more dangerous than the mayor.

Now presiding over Holy District, Swordhand Fulchromme is totally fine with other people disagreeing with her order’s ideals, so long as she gets to drown them after they’ve voiced their objections. She recently gained a new mount—though if she thinks she can keep Rayén’s horse for long, she’s been drinking too much holy water.

The party have yet to meet him this time, but last time they were in town, they ran up against Mormayr Trevure, the head of the city watch. He was unpleasant. Since then he may have become a wererat, which is unlikely to have improved his temperament.

There’s also handsome young Adethure Abayed, an old ally of the Unshackled, who now rules the Elder District. He would like you to join the Void. Didn’t you listen to Hamish? You should join the Void. Join it.

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